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Virus Scan



Now, ridding your computer of viruses is even easier, with the new Panda ActiveScan

  • You don't need to install any programs, just connect to the Internet and simply click whenever you want to clean your computer.

  • It scans, disinfects and eliminates viruses from all parts of your system, hard disks, compressed files and all your e-mail.

  • It incorporates a powerful heuristic system capable of detecting new or unknown viruses.

  • It is updated at least once a day, so each scan will be able to detect even the latest viruses.


Note: Phreego does not endorse the installation or use of the product listed above.  Phreego merely provides a link to the product for you to determine the value of the service.  Furthermore, Phreego does not provide support for the product listed above.

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