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SPAM & Virus Protection

Stop SPAM and VIRUSES cold.  Prevent inappropriate content from arriving at your email box.  It's all under your control with Phreego's email service. 

Black-list White-list controls allow you to block up to 100% of all the emails sent to your email address while the White-list allows email from addresses you approved to make it through to your in-box.

Phreego provides our members with the very best in Virus and SPAM filtering. In keeping with our No-Baloney philosophy, our members have free access to email security and control using the Settings control panel, available from our webmail access at   Some ISP’s charge their subscribers two-three dollars a month for this service. Other ISP's try to do it themselves with disastrous results like lost email.  Phreego does it right by partnering with experts in the industry to provide the best level of email protection to our members.

With Phreego, you’re in control.  Regarding viruses, because the spread of viruses are dangerous to all members, Phreego will scan and eradicate all known viruses-infected emails.


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