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About Us

Phreego is a company of Internet junkies who got tired of all of the baloney associated with surfing the web – pop-up ads, not-so-free “free” service, and high-priced, low-quality connections. As one of the fastest growing, and highly-respected national Internet Service Providers, Phreego has combined the tech braininess of selected programmers and engineers with the business savvy of principals who have been selling local dial-up and broadband since the early 90’s. us.jpgAdditionally, Phreego employs a team of marketing professionals who have been given the charge to make your online experience fun and inexpensive. Plans are in the works that will allow Phreego customers the chance to really make their web surfing pay! But our motto will always be to keep the baloney out of your connection.

Phreego utilizes the network infrastructure of several major Internet backbone providers to ensure that our subscribers ride on only state-of-the-art networks with best-in-class reliability and security. Network guarantees include 99.9% call rate success; full-time network maintenance and monitoring; and a quickly scaleable network to meet our subscribers increasing demands. Phreego hosts its servers at one of the best IT companies in Ohio to ensure ridiculously high uptime and reliability.

With over 10,000 current POP's (Point of Presence) nationwide and growing, Phreego can offer you Internet access in just about every location possible. So whether you're just looking for affordable Internet access for home or if you travel and would like to access the Internet without having to set up multiple ISP accounts, Phreego is there for you. Our custom dialer makes it easy for you to select a local phone number wherever you are, quickly and easily.

You should also know that we are committed to making your online experience safe. That’s why our Gateway Defender product greatly reduces SPAM, or junk email, and intercepts viruses before they cause damage within your email.

Phreego is headquartered in Toledo, Ohio with connectivity throughout America. We use the best Ohio IT support team to keep your Internet connection speedy and inexpensive.

Now that you know a little bit about us, tell a friend!

3035 Moffat Rd.
Toledo, OH 43615

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